Primary Classroom

Dr. Maria Montessori observed that children in this stage of life appear to “absorb” information nearly effortlessly from the environment surrounding them. In order to cultivate learning, we provide authentic and comprehensively prepared environments that offer concrete, hands-on, self-directed and self-correcting materials.

Our teachers are specially trained to offer guidance to materials and lessons that will allow the mixed age group of students to learn independently and at “their own pace.”

Our classrooms are divided into areas to enhance development of fine motor skills, language development and reading, a strong foundation in mathematics, refinement of the senses and a strong commitment to cultural studies. Science through hands on experiments, life cycles and care of plants and animals are integral to our classes. We also offer creative dance programs with a special dance teacher. Music appreciation with the use of instruments, singing and movement. A school recital is performed at holiday time and in the spring for family and friends. Spanish and other foreign languages such as Swahili and French is offered throughout the school year. Physical education is a regular part of the week with daily outdoor time on our playground if weather permits.

Students also experience in house and local off-site field trips to enhance the learning in the classroom. Through the three year process encompassing kindergarten, students develop a strong foundation in academics and acquire leadership qualities. Our classrooms typically have a 10 to 1 student/teacher ratio.