We are Starting Point Montessori,

A Detroit Private School!


Starting Point Montessori was founded by Anthony and Karen Friday in 1993. Their rich history is the result of the vision and determination of Mrs. Friday, a certified Montessori teacher, who knew the importance of an early childhood education. Her passion led her to be more involved in the Montessori method. From doing volunteer work at DeRor Montessori Center under the direction of her mentor, Dorothy Lymon, Mrs. Friday identified her love of teaching Montessori. She then opened a Montessori school in the city of Detroit.

Our institution is a private  Montessori school with toddler, pre-primary, and kindergarten classes. We are licensed by the State of Michigan, accredited by the Michigan Montessori Society and we follow the guidelines set up by the American Montessori Society.

With the proven success of many of our students, we are setting new standards in early childhood and elementary education. We are now celebrating over 25 years of educating children, we remain passionate about our mission and commitment to children. The possibilities are endless as we continue to lay the foundation for a lifetime of academic success.


School Staff

We have a combination of new staff members and members that has been with the school since opening in 1993. They are committed to the Montessori school philosophy and are dedicated to creating a caring and positive environment for the children in our school.