My story with Staring Point Montessori began over 10 years ago. I started off as an employee. I was very impressed with the program so much at I made it up in my mind that if I were to ever have children, this is where they would attend. My son, who is currently 4, started as a toddler. I saw immediate changes. Ms. Linda is very patient and her love for the children pours out in her teaching and care for the students. He’s currently a Pre-k student on his way to Kindergarten, and I am very pleased with everything! My child is now beginning to read and do math. Mrs. Friday is truly a jewel. She lights up when her students take on new challenges and exceed expectations. This shows how much pride she takes in teaching and showing her students that they can do anything! I highly recommend Starting Point and I am excited about my child’s future and am confident, knowing where his journey began.