To Starting Point Montessori,


As caring grandparents, while mom and dad work the same shift, my husband and I have the pleasure to take our granddaughters to school each day. We would like to thank the staff and teachers at Starting Point Montessori, for their positive impact on our Granddaughters Kennedy and Tianna Cooley. As Kennedy has moved on to another school, the positive outcome from Starting Point’s curriculum has made an impact on her; she is the head of her class! Tianna has learned so much because of the beginning reading skills developed her to learn her phonics, sight of words, and learn to count in Spanish! She has also gain more self confidence! All because Starting Point classes are taught by caring and experience Christian professional teachers.


Curtis and Beulah Cooley, Grandparents



Hello to my Starting Point Family,


My son Amari Jones has been attending Starting Point since he was three years old. Since Amari enrolled at Starting Point, he has went from 25% to 100%. The staff here at Starting Point is outstanding. They will work with the children and educate them well above any public school. What I love about Starting Point is how well the children are obedient and respectful. I, Renee Jones, would recommend Starting Point Montessori for children. Mrs. Friday and her staff will do the same for your little ones, just like they did for my Amari.

Renee Jones , Parent

As a young first time mother I was very nervous about putting my son in a daycare or school. Someone referred me to Starting Point Montessori. From the very first time my son and I toured the school the staff was very pleasant and nice. I visited the school two more times just to get a feel of what the staff was like and the environment that my son would be in. The first week he attended was rough, mostly for me. I was scared of trusting people I didn’t know to spend so much time with my son. Long story short, I realized so much growth and knowledge within the first two months. My family and I were so shocked. Everyday, literally my son has come home sharing all that he has learned in school. He shows that he has a great time learning new things in school. I am over pleased with his growth at Starting Point and I owe it all to the wonderful and loving staff at Starting Point. You all have changed my son’s and I lives for the better and because of you all; nothing but greatness for my son from this point on. Thank you all.


Tynisha Buford , Parent

Dear Mrs. Friday,


You rock at Starting Point Montessori. For 20+ years you have always been my favorite. It all started at the old building when I attended Starting Point for latch key. You are very smart, interesting, engaging, positive, confident, yet unpretentious, well informed, easy to understand, and always thinking with your heart as well as your head. When I went to Starting Point as a child,you always gently nudged us to do our best no matter what it was that we had to get done, you made sure it was done the right way until we understood what we were doing. I love you for that. As growing up I always thought about the things you told me that was either good or bad, and when I would do something bad I always said to myself "Mrs. Friday would not be happy if I were to do any of this,”. You kept me on the right track and that’s half of the reason I am who I am today. Now that my babies are attending SPM it’s no different today as it were back then. Everything you enforced on me you do it to my children as well. You have mold De’Niya into the little girl she is today. I thank you millions of times for that. I knew from the day I walked into Starting Point to enroll my daughter that it wasn’t going to be any problems when I saw Mrs. Friday. I knew that you were going to get her together, just like you did me by giving your time, energy, and talent to ensure the brightest possible future for me and my children.


Deja Parker, Parent and Former Student